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GA4 Consulting

Unlock the power of your GA4 Data

Report on metrics that drive outcomes

Sense Data Lab is a small Australian based consultancy that can work closely with you to help you get the most out of your Google Analytics 4 implementation.

We help smart companies leverage GA4 data


New metrics. New opportunities. 

The Google Analytics landscape has changed. Information you used to track has shifted or disappeared completely. Year on year reporting is a challenge. And your data is looking very different than it used to. 

Google Analytics 4 offers powerful new features and opportunities for you and your team. If you know how to tap them. We can get you there. 

We’ll make GA4 work for your company

We’ll partner with you on strategy, setup and implementation. So you know your GA4 is set up according to best practice and your data is coming through cleanly.


Here's how:

The consultation

Every business has unique tracking and measurement needs. That’s why we start with a free consultation and analysis. Your consultation will uncover:

  • Your priorities, challenges and business objectives for GA4
  • The issues holding back your current setup, so you know what needs to be fixed
  • New tracking metrics that fit your goals and objectives



The strategic audit

Data is only useful if you’re tracking the right metrics for your business. Once you decide to access the full power of your analytics, we’ll conduct a strategic audit. As part of your audit, we’ll:

  • Review all tracking points and identify missing metrics
  • Research your customer journey, so you know how they’re using
    your site
  • Measure your overall site performance and identify new opportunities
  • Lock in your business goals so you’ll always be working towards the
    right KPIs
  • Recommend a customised, strategy-led tracking and measurement

Setup and testing

Once your measurement plan is in place, it’s time to get you set up. While you focus on what you do best, we’ll:

  • Implement your GA4 account according to best practice and your business goals
  • Create a set of Datalayer instructions with all the code your devs need, including how to structure the data and how to fix things if they break
  • Set up the right tracking tags in Tag Manager and remove the tags you don’t need
  • Set up your BigQuery database so you can break down large amounts of data into granular detail
  • Test your setup to make sure everything is sending as it should, for clean, reliable insights



    The custom dashboard

    Now that your analytics are set up, tested and data can flow in cleanly, we’ll give you the tools to analyse it easily and effectively. You custom dashboard includes:


    • A full 360 vision across all the key metrics and KPIs in your business
    • One-click access to critical data like conversions, revenue and products bought 
    • Fast and simple channel-based reporting
    • Data and reporting that’s customised to your unique measurement goals

      There’s no “I” in GA4

      You’ve got dedicated teams working in different areas of the business. And these areas all need to be measured. 

      We’ll collaborate with relevant teams and external vendors to make sure you’re effectively measuring the right metrics to push your business forward.


      “Sense Data Lab spearheaded in-depth requirements gathering workshops with key stakeholders, provided great support and a clear plan”

      James and Sense Data Lab were selected for a major reporting overhaul at Adairs and the overall experience working with him was great! He provided comprehensive proposals of work to be performed and spearheaded in-depth requirements gathering workshops with key stakeholders. He was readily contactable throughout the project and provided great support and a clear plan of the work to be performed throughout the duration of the project. I can highly recommend for other large-scale retail organisations!

      Steve Mann

      Business Analyst Adairs Retail Group

      Making GA4 simple to use

      You’ll feel empowered to explore your data, ask deeper questions, and make informed, strategic decisions with easily accessible roadmaps and instructions. When you work with us, you get:

      • Expert recommendations for strategic data measurements that match your KPIs
      • A master plan document that allows you to understand and investigate the tracking across your site
      • Clear Datalayer instructions that allows your devs to easily structure the data and fix issues as they arise
      • BigQuery database setup, so you can easily break down and investigate large amounts of data in granular detail
      • A customised dashboard that lets you quickly access your data and generate relevant reports in the click of a button

      Who We Are – A Small Consultancy With Big Customer Focus



      “What if I don’t get it?” 

      ….and other frequently asked questions



      Are you able to provide an idea of cost?

      Your first consultation and analysis is free. During your consultation we’ll analyse your organisation goals, GA4 account and tracking opportunities. From there we’ll give you a set of recommendations and options for moving forward

      We already have GA4 implemented but need to improve/add more can you help?

      Of course, we can help at any point in the implementation. We’ll start by looking at your current GA4 account to examine what needs to be done to optimise its performance.

      I know I need to use Google Analytics but I am not sure what needs to be tracked, can you help?

      Yes, we often work with our clients to discover how they can optimise their existing Google Analytics set up. We’ll also analyse your website to discover any missing data points that can be tracked to maximise your user experience and conversion rates.

      Do you provide flexible support?

      Yes, we can work with you on an ongoing basis, using a flexible set of support hours. You can use these for anything from ad hoc implementations to reporting and insights

      Let’s Get Started

      Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Go!