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Sense Data Lab

The GA consultancy that speaks in plain English

Because if you don’t understand how to use your Google Analytics setup, what’s the point?

Sure, data is vital. But what if you could fully leverage it?


You know what’s frustrating? Having a way to collect user and performance data and no way to effectively access and wield it.

This is exactly what our Founder and Director, James Schmidt-Lindner saw 10 years ago when he worked for a large data consultancy. He’d watch client’s eyes glaze over at buzzword and jargon-heavy meetings, knowing they wouldn’t be able to benefit from the full power of Google Analytics. Just because consultants wanted to sound smart.   

Now we collaborate with clients to build out customised measurement strategies based on company goals and KPIs. Then we give them the tools they need to understand and explore their data to its full extent.

“Too often, I would see organisations and companies being left with overly complex and costly tech implementations, only to be left scratching their heads on how to use it.

My aim with Sense Data Lab is to demystify the world of data analytics and provide tangible ways for people and companies to use their data effectively.”

We don’t just “set and forget”

Our mission is to make your Google Analytics setup simple, accessible and jargon-free. Then show you how to use it.


So you can investigate and accurately report on your users and website performance. And confidently push towards your organisational goals.

We demystify Google Analytics for ambitious companies


Tap a small, dedicated team of Google Analytics experts


You just need clean, reliable data so you can make meaningful decisions in your business. But finding world-class Google Analytics experts that show you how to use your data, and integrate with your teams, is a challenge. 

That’s why we collaborate with you, your internal teams, and external vendors to make sure your project fits with your goals and capabilities. Explain how it works in easy-to-understand terms. Then we deliver it, on time. 

“We’re finally tracking the right customer behaviour, flows and data”

"We had a big mess of tags in our GA account. It made it really difficult to know which metrics we should be tracking or which tags were measuring what. After working with Sense Data Lab, our GA is set up to do proper testing. Now we know we’re finally tracking the right customer behaviour, flows and data, and we can use it to support our teams and drive business decisions."

Testimonial Item

Lateesha Serzycki

Digital Program Manager Adairs Retail Group

“Reporting is so much faster. I now have information immediately when someone asks for it”

The dashboards make my life so much easier. I don’t need to start reports myself or dig through certain pages or Google Analytics. I can just run or refresh a report. I now have information immediately when someone asks for it.

Having such clear data helps decide where we spend money and time, but also gives us insights into anything from product or customer information, user experience and where people are dropping off. So we know where to focus and what to work on.

Testimonial Item

Tia Truong

B2C Marketing Manager Equifax Inc

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