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Adairs is a leading retailer of homewares and home furnishings in Australia and New Zealand. When Adairs approached Sense Data Lab their primary goal was to upgrade both GA3 (Universal) and GA4 to ensure better tracking across their current website as well as migrate their tracking solution to their new site across AU and NZ which offered its own challenges in terms of continuity in data collection for analysis purposes.

Adairs wanted to ensure that the new tracking solution would provide them with more comprehensive insights into their website’s performance and help them identify areas for improvement to optimize their conversion rate..

Planning & Strategy

Sense Data Lab worked closely with Adairs to identify their key business goals and objectives. The team then developed a measurement strategy that aligned with these goals and conversions to track the new website functionality and layout and ensured contiunity in data collection.

During the planning and measurement strategy phase, Sense Data Lab held meetings with various stakeholders from Adairs, including the marketing, ecommerce, and IT teams. These meetings helped the team understand Adairs’ business objectives, identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that were important for the business, and develop a measurement strategy that aligned with these goals. The team also worked closely with Adairs’ marketing team to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign tracking solution that included tracking of different traffic sources, such as paid search, display, and social media. This allowed Adairs to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize their marketing efforts.

Furthermore, the team collaborated with Adairs’ ecommerce and IT teams to ensure that the tracking solution was implemented correctly and that the data collected was accurate and consistent. This involved providing guidance on technical implementation and ensuring that the datalayer codes were properly formatted and tested before the new website launch.

Once the new website was ready to launch, Sense Data Lab helped Adairs with the migration and cutover to the new GA3 and GA4 implementation. 

The timing of the implementation and cut over to the new site tracking was critical to avoid any data loss during the transition. The  SDL team created a test environment to validate the tracking implementation before the new website went live. This allowed the team to identify any issues with the tracking codes and make any necessary changes before the site launch. The team also coordinated with Adairs’ IT team to ensure that the new tracking codes were activated on the site at the right time, in a phased manner to ensure that there was no disruption to the site’s performance or user experience.


The implementation of the new tracking solution also allowed Adairs to migrate their data to a new platform without any loss of data or insights.

The implementation of GA3 and GA4 tracking by Sense Data Lab enabled Adairs to collect clean, accurate data that was comparable across both platforms. This helped Adairs to identify areas of improvement, optimize their website’s conversion rate, and explore new features in GA4. Adairs can now make data-driven decisions based on their new website’s performance and drive more conversions and revenue for their online store.

I have been working with James and Sense Data lab for over 12 months – supporting our digital transformation initiatives and BAU activities at Adairs.

James and team have been a FABULOUS vendor to work with, and will be a continued vendor of choice to support the business.

James is extremely professional, reliable and delivers to quality and time. James also goes above and beyond to support the business activities and programs of work.

HIGHLY recommend Sense Data Lab.

Leteesha Serzycki

Omnichannel Project Manager, Adairs

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