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Equifax is a leading credit bureau that provides credit scores, credit reports, and other related services to consumers and businesses. The company was looking to migrate and downgrade from GA360 to GA Free and needed help with organizing their tracking across their 20+ GA3 properties. Equifax approached Sense Data Lab to help them with this migration and to develop a comprehensive measurement strategy.

Planning & Strategy

The initial primary goal for Equifax was to migrate and downgrade from GA360 to GA Free while ensuring continuity in reporting and data analysis for various teams. The company also wanted to improve their tracking and align their measurement strategy with business and stakeholder KPIs across both their B2B and B2C brands. Additionally, Equifax wanted to surface previously unavaiable insights through improved datalayer tracking implementation.

Organizing Tracking and Developing a Measurement Strategy Sense Data Lab worked closely with Equifax developing comprehensive account structures, cleaning up legacy tracking and older tags, and aligned their measurement strategy with their business and stakeholder KPIs. The team worked closely with Equifax’s marketing and IT teams to ensure that the tracking solution was implemented correctly and that the data collected was accurate and consistent.

Migrating and Upgrading to GA4 Once the GA Free migration and downgrade were completed, Sense Data Lab fully upgraded and migrated all GA3 properties to GA4. The team worked closely with Equifax to ensure continuity in reporting and data analysis for various teams. The team also provided a central reporting strategy using Looker Studio, a business intelligence and data visualization platform which when now connected up to Big Query provided raw unsampled insights previously unavailable.


The migration and downgrade from GA360 to GA Free enabled Equifax to save costs while maintaining a comprehensive tracking solution across their B2B and B2C brands. The comprehensive measurement strategy developed by Sense Data Lab helped Equifax to track their website’s performance accurately and consistently, providing valuable insights into their customer’s behavior.

The additional tracking implementation provided Equifax with new insights, allowing them to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and optimize their website’s conversion rate. The full upgrade and migration of all GA3 properties to GA4 ensured continuity in reporting and data analysis for various teams. The central reporting strategy using Looker Studio provided Equifax with a powerful data visualization platform that helped them make data-driven decisions based on their website’s performance. This project has resulted in a sucessful and ongoing relationship between Equifax and SDL. 

James and the Sense Data Lab team have been amazing to work with and is instrumental to providing accurate data that help power decision making. The team is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and have the capability of thinking strategically, asking the right questions and exemplary in their detail and execution. This combination really makes working with Sense Data Lab super simple and enjoyable as they truly can help add value to business operation and reporting. Would highly recommend James and the team at Sense Data Lab to any business small or large.

Tia Truong

Equifax, Consumer Marketing Manager

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