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Twillio Segment CDP Consultation

Harness the full potential of your customer data

Don’t just record your data, use it!

Sense Data Lab is a consultancy that partners with businesses to implement and optimise their Twillio Segment Customer Data Platform (CDP). Our expertise ensures you unlock the full power of your customer data.

We help smart companies leverage data


Why Choose Twillio Segment?

Twillio Segment offers a comprehensive solution for managing customer data across multiple channels. It enables businesses to collect, unify, and activate their data seamlessly. We help you make the most of this powerful tool, driving better decisions and superior customer experiences.

Tailored Consultation

We collaborate closely with you to pinpoint the most critical conversion points and determine the essential data that should be integrated into Segment.

This strategic approach guarantees that you gain valuable insights for your downstream analytics platforms, enabling you to effectively leverage this data for enhanced user activation and engagement.

Our goal is to empower your team with the knowledge and tools needed to optimise your analytics and drive meaningful results


Here's how:

The consultation

Every business has unique tracking and measurement needs. That’s why we start with a free consultation and analysis. Your consultation will uncover:

  • Your primary goals and challenges with customer data
  • Gaps in your current data collection and analysis setup
  • Opportunities for new data metrics that align with your business objectives



The strategic audit

An effective data strategy begins with a thorough audit. Our strategic audit includes:


  • Comprehensive review of your current data collection methods
  • Identification of missing or inaccurate data points
  • Analysis of customer journeys to improve data capture at every touchpoint
  • Assessment of overall data quality and site performance
  • Recommendations for a data strategy that aligns with your business goals

Implementation and Configuration

Setting up Segment correctly is crucial for accurate data insights. Our implementation services include:

  • Configuring your Segment account following best practices and your specific requirements
  • Creating a robust data schema tailored to your business needs
  • Implementing data integrations to ensure seamless data flow across your tools
  • Conducting thorough testing to ensure data accuracy and reliability



    Connecting and Configuring Destinations

    Efficiently integrating and configuring destinations is key to maximising the value of your data. Our services ensure that your customer data is not only collected but also effectively distributed to the right systems and tools. We provide:


    • Expert setup and configuration of destinations within Segment to ensure data is sent to the correct endpoints, such as marketing automation tools, CRM systems, and analytics platforms.
    • Custom mapping of data attributes and events to maintain consistency and accuracy across all destinations.
    • Guidance on best practices for data flow and integration to optimize performance and reduce latency.
    • Troubleshooting and resolution of any integration issues to maintain seamless data delivery.
    • Continuous monitoring and updates to keep your data integrations aligned with evolving business needs.

    “Sense Data Lab spearheaded in-depth requirements gathering workshops with key stakeholders, provided great support and a clear plan”

    James and Sense Data Lab were selected for a major reporting overhaul at Adairs and the overall experience working with him was great! He provided comprehensive proposals of work to be performed and spearheaded in-depth requirements gathering workshops with key stakeholders. He was readily contactable throughout the project and provided great support and a clear plan of the work to be performed throughout the duration of the project. I can highly recommend for other large-scale retail organisations!

    Steve Mann

    Business Analyst Adairs Retail Group

    Success Story

    Sense Data Lab worked together with Standards Australia to built a fully customised Segment implementation to give visibility of user journeys across applications and web data. Configuring and mapping downstream anlaytics platforms as well as data warehouse destinations and ad platforms. 

    This provided marketing a product full visibilty of product usage, ROI across channels as well as tying together data silos and streamlining connecting new platforms.

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