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Providing clear insights for companies across Australia


Data you can understand

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When you can clearly see how users are behaving across your site, you can double down on what’s working. Fix what isn’t. And explain each decision to internal stakeholders with clean data to back it up.

We’ll partner with you to:

Uncover the issues in your current setup
Identify missing tracking opportunities
Align your goals and KPIs with a unique measurement strategy
Implement your datalayer and setup for clear tracking and insights
Build custom dashboards so you can easily see, understand, and explore what you’re reporting on

Accurate decisions need accurate data. From strategy, to set up, to reporting, we make Google Analytics make sense for you. So you can take bigger steps, faster.

“We’re finally tracking the right customer behaviour, flows and data”

"We had a big mess of tags in our GA account. It made it really difficult to know which metrics we should be tracking or which tags were measuring what. After working with Sense Data Lab, our GA is set up to do proper testing. Now we know we’re finally tracking the right customer behaviour, flows and data, and we can use it to support our teams and drive business decisions."

Testimonial Item

Lateesha Serzycki

Digital Program Manager Adairs Retail Group

“Reporting is so much faster. I now have information immediately when someone asks for it”

The dashboards make my life so much easier. I don’t need to start reports myself or dig through certain pages or Google Analytics. I can just run or refresh a report. I now have information immediately when someone asks for it.

Having such clear data helps decide where we spend money and time, but also gives us insights into anything from product or customer information, user experience and where people are dropping off. So we know where to focus and what to work on.

Testimonial Item

Tia Truong

B2C Marketing Manager Equifax Inc

Get expert help to track the metrics that matter

Your Google Analytics setup should give you critical insights that drive outcomes for your company or organisation. If you’re struggling to get understand what’s actually working, we can help. 

We’ll unlock your data so you can:

Understand and optimise customer behaviour

Through having a clean GA4 setup that is geared towards your  kpi’s we can track the interactions that matter most to you and your customers.

Explore new, high-potential areas to test and measure

More targeted tracking means we can identify potential areas for improvement across your site and develop hypothesis for resolving customer pain points.

Make consistent, data-driven decisions

Having the right data means you can make data driven decisions based on whats actually happening across the site rather than just gut feel.

You don’t have to be a data scientist to understand your GA account

Our mission is to make Google Analytics simple, accessible and jargon-free. 

We’ll implement a Google Analytics setup tailored tp your needs and give you the roadmap to understand each event. So you can effectively analyse your customer behaviour and marketing performance, without the confusion.


Unleash the potential of your data across the Google Product Range.

We’ll unlock your data across the entire Google product range. So you can confidently report on what you want, when you want.

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Looker Studio

Google ads

Google Big Query

We’ve got you covered

Google Analytics 4 Consulting

Needing to migrate to GA4 or completely setup your GA4 property from scratch? We can help strategise, implement and develop side by side accurate GA4 reporting for you.

Dashboards & Reporting

From Google Big Query to Google Data Studio or even simple GA dashboards, we can make sure you have the data you need to make informed data driven decisions.

Segment CDP Consulting

From seamless data integration to comprehensive customer insights, our Segment CDP consulting services ensure you harness the full potential of your data.

Ready to tap the potential of your Google Analytics data?

Leverage powerful insights across your Google Analytics ecosystem with expert support.