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Dashboards & Visualisations

Having relevant data in front of you for effective decision making and performance tracking is probably one of the most important parts of web analytics.

Without key metrics that make sense for the stakeholders looking at the data, there is no point in even having a dashboard. We can help from planning to dashboard creation so you can have all the key data points you need to make effective, data driven decisions.

Providing clear insights for business across Australia


Spending Hours Every Month on Reports Can Be Frustrating

Having to pull together weekly, monthly or quarterly reports from various different sources can take hours or even days and oftentimes will only be viewed once and then be forgotten about.

Having all relevant metrics and data in one automated, easy-to-digest report can save hours of work, allowing you to focus on key areas where you can lend the most value to your business. 


Unify Your Data Silos

Having data sitting in various different places can lead to a fragmented view of your data, causing you to make decisions based on half of the information.

Having all your information in one place provides a better overview of your business and more effective decision making.

We Know Dashboards


From education, retail and government to non-profit, agencies and fashion companies; we have created easy-to-understand data visualisations for every industry vertical.

We have developed hundreds of dashboards, from complex dashboards to track and predict student performance for educators to simple Google Analytics performance reports and everything in between. Regardless of your needs we can help to give you the right data in an easy-read format.  

Who We Are – A Small Consultancy With Big Customer Focus

We are a small consultancy with a big customer focus. Having worked with clients in various different industry verticals and in marketing and data for the past 7 years, the owner and founder, James Schmidt-Lindner, is your client facing consultant. We work together with various different Google Analytics and Google Ads specialists who also know the platform back-to-front and help support our clients.

At the heart of the consultancy is a focus on delivering value for our customers, remaining transparent and teaching them to utilise their tools effectively.

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