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Data Strategy

Whether its understanding how you can utilise your data more effectively or you are looking to build out your digital marketing strategy for your business, we can help you achieve better results through analysing your business and competitor intelligence data.

Data Strategy Services

Digital marketing strategy is about using data to draw inferences and make informed decisions. Todays market offers data in abundance so it can be tough to know where to start, we have experience analysing and providing recommendations to companies of various size and industry verticals from small business up to large scale enterprises. Get your free no obligation consultation.
Develop business goals and KPI’s and align these with your Google Analytics tracking


  1. SEO & SEM strategies and customer demand analysis.

  3. Digital GAP analysis and finding missing opportunities in digital channels and ways to engage and find high value customers. 

  5. Find out how you can increase conversions on your website through optimisation and providing engaging content.  

  7. Conduct Marketing channel performance analyses to find opportunities and opportunity costs

  9. Identify ways to break down data silos and develop strategies to integrate your data sources to give you a complete picture of your business and its activities

  11. Advice and training on the Google stack products including Analytics, Optimize, Tag Manager, Google Ads & Data studio

  13. Running A/B tests using Google Optimise and using Data studio for easy to read reports and clear insights. 

  15. Team structure & management techniques to enable a data driven culture to develop

  17. GA attribution analysis and testing recommendations



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